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I was born in Mugla in 1974 (my family emigrated from Crete, Greece). During my childhood, I lived in İzmir, Menemen. After finishing high school in Malatya, I moved to Istanbul to study at the university in 1992, still where I live. I am graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Control, and Computer Engineering. I work as a software developer and I am a licensed road bike racer.

Özgür Nevres

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  1. Merhaba,
    1. kademe bisiklet antrenörü kursunu tamamladım. Küçük bir grupta antrenörlük yapmaya başlayacağım. Yeni başlayan antrenör yardımcı olabilecek tavsiye edebileceğiniz bir yayın var mı?

  2. Hi,

    There are many ways people can help out in their local community. Since entrepreneurship is my area of expertise, I’d love to write about how to move into a new city, plug in and start a business to help your community.

    Would you like to see this topic covered in an article for your website? If so, please let me know and I’ll send it over when finished. It’s 100% free!

    Hope to hear from you,

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