Manuel Pareja Obregón (May 4, 1933 – July 24, 1995), the Spanish musician and composer who focused on Andalusian folk music sings “La flor del romero llora” (rosemary flower cries), the first song of the composer’s “Dos canciones” (two songs).

La flor del romero llora – Manuel Pareja Obregón

Manuel Pareja Obregón wrote more than 3,000 songs. He died in Seville at the age of 62 from leukemia. He was cremated at the San Fernando Cemetery in Seville.

The Chilean music group Quilapayún also included this beautiful song in their 1990 album Al Horizonte.

Quilapayún – La flor del romero llora

Another very beautiful version of the song – performed by the musical group “Barroco Andino” (means “Andean Baroque” in English. The Chilean band founded in late 1973 by Jaime Soto (director, vocals, piano), Patricio Wang (guitar, tiple, bass), Ricardo Venegas (guitar, bass, percussion), Renato Freyggang (quena, zampoña) and Fernando Carrasco (quena, guitar) to play classical music with popular instruments.

La Flor del Romero Llora · Barroco Andino


La flor del Romero llora

La flor del Romero llora
La flor del Romero a solas,
llora cuando ve que cortan
margaritas y amapolas,
la flor del Romero llora.

Tambien llora la rivera
cuando el rio arrastra flores
al llegar la primavera
tambien llora la rivera.

Yo también llore de pena
aquel día en que con otro
caminabas por la arena
también yo sufrí de pena.

The flower of the rosemary is crying

The flower of the rosemary is crying
The flower of the rosemary remained alone
She cries when she sees that they cut
Marguerites and poppies,
The flower of the rosemary is crying.

River-bank also cries
When the river pulls off the flowers
At the beginning of the spring,
River-bank also cries.

I also cried from the pain
That day when with other
You were walking on the sand,
I also suffered from pain.

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